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Two Insiders to Bring 'Undefeatable' Door Contact to Alarm Industry

WAUKESHA, Wis.—Two former alarm company owners, Michael Keegan and Chris Utter, have teamed up with a company called Magnasphere to bring a new kind of door contact to the alarm industry, one that they believe will become the industry standard within five years … READ MORE



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Reed Sensors: Old Dog with New Tricks and More Security!

Founders of Magnasphere Corp., Waukesha, Wis., have taken decades-old Reed switch detection technology for security contacts to new heights. Originally developed by Bell Labs in the late 1930s, Reed switches had three weaknesses: easy potential defeat with magnets; permanent contact weld failure from lightening and power surges; and fragile glass construction. Concealed and surface-mount sensors with Magnasphere's magnet ball contact technology are resistant to these weaknesses, making it a higher security application product.



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INTRUSION: Magnetic Sensor Line Earns UL 634 Listing

WAUKESAH, Wis. — Magnetic switch and sensor technology provider Magnasphere Corp.’s MSS line of sensors has achieved UL 634 Standard listing for connectors and switches for intrusion alarm systems .… READ MORE



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INTRUSION INNOVATION: A Breakthrough in Alarm Switches

It’s doubtful Walter Ellwood had any idea his invention in 1936 would be the most commonly used component of a security system. It was 75 years ago when this Bell Telephone employee patented what we all refer to as the reed switch. While this device has become an industry staple, it has a number of shortcomings when used for intrusion alarm applications. These issues have the potential to create liability for security dealers and risks for customers.. .… READ MORE