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MAGNASPHERE expands its L2 series HSS product line to include the revolutionary L2C series of next generation sensors that meet and exceed UL634 Level 2 High Security Standard for installations where concealed sensors are desired for both security and aesthetic. The HSS L2C is the the only concealed contact to meet the UL 634 Level 2 High Security Standard.
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Virtually unbeatable and unbreakable, MAGNASPHERE's patented and award-winning technology provides the absolute highest level of physical perimeter intrusion detection to ensure your home or business remains secured.

BREAKING NEWS – The MAGNASPHERE HSS, resistant to external and internal magnetic defeat tampering, meets the NEW UL 634 Level 2 high security standard for magnetic contacts and sensors.

MAGNASPHERE represents the first break- through in magnetic switch technology since the introduction of the reed switch in the 1930's and is a superior solution for many industrial and commercial OEM applications.

A luxury sports car manufacturer and various agencies within the U.S. Government are just few of the organizations that have made the switch to MAGNASPHERE technology.

Used in most home and business security systems for decades, the reed switch is unsafe and unreliable and undetected break-ins may result. The reed switch (1) can easily be defeated by an outsider, (2) is made of fragile glass and can easily be broken, and (3) can weld shut as a result of high voltage. The integrity of the entire intrusion detection system is compromised with the use of most reed switches.  >>

MAGNASPHERE patented technology sensors are virtually unbeatable and unbreakable; ensuring that security system's detection works.  >>

MAGNASPHERE Customer : U.S. Dept. of State
MAGNASPHERE Customer : The Library of Congress
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MAGNASPHERE's high security sensors were selected as one of the Top 30 Technology Innovations for 2012 by SECURITY SALES & INTEGRATION Magazine. The L2C Series of high security concealed sensors scored a perfect “10”.

The World’s Most Advanced & Effecive High Security Switch Technology

The Most Secure Wireless Sensors Available Anywhere in the World.

The L2C Series of Designed as a replacement / upgrade for the OEM’s RF sensor, the patent-pending MSS-RFS series provides the strongest FCC allowable output signal while maintaining a 14+ year battery life – in a narrow, low-profile, aesthetically appealing housing. Download PDF >>

MAGNASPHERE's MSS-RFS wireless sensors are compatible with the following OEM* formats: MSS-RFS-100 = UTC - INTERLOGIX / ITI / ELK,SS-RFS-200 = HONEYWELL / 2GIG,MSS-RFS-300 = NAPCO.

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